Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A mental health break, of sorts

I said I wasn't going to do it this weekend (famous last words...), but our whole family spent yet another night on the road with Nick Sunday night (Damon had the day off school Monday).

When Nick called me Sunday evening to see if we wanted to join him, as usual, I initially thought, "no way. I have wayyyy too much to do here, blah blah blah." But about five minutes later, I changed my mind. I've been so stressed because of work deadlines, plus Springtime allergies are now kicking me in the rear, so I've felt absolutely dreadful for the past several days. Right before Nick called, I found myself blowing up at Avery, for no apparent reason... and then I cried because I felt terrible for losing my patience with her.

So, I decided that maybe a night out of the house would be a good thing... even if it meant all four of us cramming in the cab of Nick's truck and driving all night!

The kids were asleep before we even GOT to the yard... so they immediately went back to the bunk and crashed for the night. Nick drove, and I ran my mouth. It WAS nice to get out of the house, away from my computer, and to spend some extra time with Nick (since I won't see him on his days off this week).

I don't even remember WHERE we went Sunday night... all over the state of Ohio from what I could tell (and, darn it, I forgot my camera again!). Nick made three different stops, and finally took his 10-hour break at 8am! Keeping the kids entertained in the truck all day yesterday, while Nick attempted to sleep, was not my favorite part of the trip. But still, I was kinda sad to get back to the yard last night and have to come home to what waits here: work, dishes, laundry, dogs... did I mention work??

I know for a fact that we won't be riding along next weekend... because I'll be back in Maryland for my best friend's wedding! But two weeks from now, I'm predicting you'll be reading about another adventure on the road...


Lisa said...

A change of scenery is always a good thing! Just being able to talk to Nick and spend that time together had to be great. You need to scrapbook this somehow - a pic of the truck? Then journaling about your time on the road? LOL.

Carrie Hewitt said...

I think it sounds like so much fun. I have always wondered what that big space behind the driver looked like. I'm glad you and Nick get to spend some time together, talking and all!

Grampy said...

Eeegaaads! . . . Looking forward to our weekend together -- even if it involves a hitchin'. . . Let's chat by phone in the next day or two to finalize/confirm our itinerary. Hi to all the Witscheys!