Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Big Sleepover

It was a big BUST.

Grandma called me around 10:30pm and said that my kids wanted to come home... so I enjoyed my last 1.5 minutes of peace and quiet before they made their way up the hill.

It sounds like they had a super fun evening... Mom took the kids to a carnival that's in town this week; they had dinner at McD's; and went shopping for new toys and new shoes!

But then bedtime rolled around. No kid likes bedtime... especially my daughter. She has fits almost every night at bedtime; I've just gotten really good at ignoring her. But apparently Grandma couldn't deal with her bedtime brattiness. Mom threatened at one point that if Avery didn't calm down and go to sleep, she was going to have to take her home. So, Avery put her hands on her hips and said, "Well. I WANT to go home."

So there, Grandma. lol

Never make idle threats to a 4-year-old diva. They never work.

So, the kids came home and went straight to bed. I was just as happy to have them here, honestly. The house was way too empty and quiet without my munchkins!

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