Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Last Day of School Pics

I always take pictures of Damon on the morning of his first day of school... so I thought I'd take some this year on the last day, too. My subject wasn't feeling it, though... I got little to NO cooperation from him.

Here he is wiping the sleep from his eyes and sitting on his bed with Comet, listening to his new $1 scan radio that he got at the grocery store the night before... trying his hardest NOT to look at me and the dreaded camera (you'd think he'd be used to it by now, wouldn't you??). He looks like he's about to be sent away to prison for 10 years, instead of anticipating the last day of Kindergarten:

After many failed attempts to get a decent picture of Damon, I started photographing inanimate objects (I was desperate!). Here are some notes from his teacher and classmates... sent home in his little "autograph book" the day before. I thought they were pretty adorable! His classmates really "love" him, in case you couldn't tell, lol:

And this, I assume, is a self-portrait that Damon drew on the back of his autograph book. Isn't he handsome? I guess he was lucky enough NOT to inherit the giraffe neck that he gave his mother in the portrait he drew of her for Mother's Day. Hmpf.

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Kelly said...

The excitement seems to be eating away at him LOL He is so funny. I'm going through JM withdrawal over here. WAAHHHHH