Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Damon passed!!!

Kindergarten, that is. No, I wasn't really worried... still, it was nice to see "Your child has been assigned to first grade" written on his progress report!

Yesterday was Damon's last day of school for the year. We are all looking forward to summer vacation around here. Summer means that Nick and I don't have to drag Damon out of bed, kicking and screaming, every morning... we don't have to pack any more lunches (before I've had my coffee, no less!)... and I don't have to stress about being home and on the front porch when the bus brings him home at 3:45 each day (or call the school in a panic sometime after 4 when the bus hasn't shown up yet... to be told that the busdriver is running late or is having engine troubles and I should just hang out on my porch until they decide to bring him home, whenever that might be).

And, Damon is excited that we celebrated the end of the school year by letting him stay up until 9:30 last night to watch America's Funniest Home Videos. He's been whining for the past month every night at bedtime (8:30) because he sees commercials for that show every afternoon on Nickelodeon, and we always tell him it's on too late for him to watch. (I'm not making this up... it's really been stressing him out!!)

Damon's teacher had mostly good things to say about my little man. The only part of his progress report that didn't have "full marks" was the section labeled "The Arts." Apparently Damon doesn't like to sing and dance and doesn't fully appreciate "artistic creations or events." I can't say this surprises me one bit... remember THIS??

What did surprise me a little was that Mrs. Davis said: "Damon read through books at the Kindergarten level and well into what we call preprimers. That's terrific! He's at a strong place to start first grade, and it's obvious he enjoys reading."

Really? huh. Damon hardly ever wants to read here at home... even though I DO try to encourage it and force him to read with me more often than not. I'm taking Mrs. D's word for it, though... and it tickles me to think that the child might actually enjoy reading (maybe he IS my son after all!). In fact, tomorrow we're heading to our local library to sign him up for a summer reading program called Reading Road Trip (I think I might be more excited about this than Damon is, lol).

So, anyway, we all managed to survive Kindergarten... 180 full days of early mornings, grumpy/tired afternoons, lots of germs and sick days (25 to be exact... I was properly "reprimanded" for those!), school lunches, homework every evening, and girls chasing Damon on the playground for kisses at recess (we assured him that one day soon it will be the other way around, lol).

Now, we can relax and catch our breath this summer before we get to do it all over again in September. God help us! ;)

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