Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Catching Up

Yikes, it's been over a week (again!) since I've posted. I suck.

Let's see, what excitement (ha!) can I update you on??

Last weekend the kids and I went on a mini-road trip to visit two of my college roommates and their kids. I hadn't seen these two for YEARS, literally, and had never met their daughters. So it was really nice to have a reunion with them!!

Yesterday was my dear husband's birthday. He's been in a downright rotten mood here lately, and I'm not sure what I'M supposed to do about it... but, I TRIED to make his birthday fun and special. The kids and I went on a shopping spree and I let them pick out "special," low-cost gifts for Daddy. And I made his favorite cake---yellow cake with chocolate/peanut butter icing. Then, the kids drew him pictures/wrote him notes. Here is Damon's birthday note to Daddy (I might have helped him with the spelling, a little, lol):

I set up Nick's birthday "spread" on the table and surprised him with it when he got home from work Sunday night (since he gets home after midnight, it was technically his birthday).

I thought it was sweet and thoughtful of me (yes, I'm patting myself on the back)... but I didn't get much feedback from him, so I'm not sure what to think about that. I've decided he's just a downer, lol. Instead of concentrating on what he HAS and appreciating what some of us do for him (and how much we love him), he dwells on what he doesn't have and who ignored his birthday. wahhhhhh!

I don't blame him for feeling down about things like that... but I'VE been here for Nick for the past seven years... so I guess I'd like a little credit. Selfish me, lol.

Anyway... moving on.

Last week I also took advantage of my new health insurance!!! It was exciting. I visited my doctor and filled a much-needed prescription for the infamous "happy drugs." I've been taking them for about a week now, and I already feel much better. Amazing how that happens.

One of these days, I'm going to realize that I NEED the meds... instead of foolishly believing I'm "cured" after a few months and can live without them. I'm only "cured" because of the meds, duhhhh. I'm a slow learner, but I'll "get it" eventually.

So yeah, Christmas is in, ummmm, 13 days? You would never know it by stepping foot in my home, however. There is no tree, not a single decoration... oh, and I haven't bought a single gift yet, either.

I keep hoping that if I ignore Christmas, it won't happen. I'm seriously in denial here. And, yes, you should feel sorry for my poor children.


Angela James said...

lolol, I can totally "hear" the meds working in this post. Your outlook is so positive. I'm really glad to see how happy you're feeling right now, after all the stress and depression you've been feeling the past months.

heather said...

stay positive, it will rub off