Wednesday, October 25, 2006

It's All Angie's Fault!

As if I needed something else to deter me from my work, housework, children...

Angie just had to make a post on our Mom's Board about this super-cool Africam.

It's a live video of a watering hole in Africa... and it's highly addictive, I'm warning you!

I'm also convinced that part of its purpose is to make me feel extremely unintelligent. I've seen all sorts of creatures on there in the past two days that I can't identify. Yesterday, it was a deer-like creature... although, I'm quite certain it was no white-tail, lol. (Angie guessed it was a gazelle... do they have those in Africa? lol)

Today I HAVE recognized a really hideous hyena, with a gaping wound on its back. Yummy. And I keep getting reports from other Africam Addicts of zebra... but I haven't been lucky enough to catch one of those yet. I'll be looking, though, never fear!


Diane said...

You're right Erin! The Africam is totally addictive! I was so excited to see a Zebra I tried to e-mail you as fast as I could (hence all the spelling errors)!

Anonymous said...

Lets just 83 Honors Biology Students will probably be watching the "Africam" all at the same time this weekend. I showed them today and they too were so excited about it....I could hardly get them to pay attention to the Dihybrid Crosses! We saw two Lions! Thanks so much for sharing that! Carrie