Sunday, January 11, 2009

Work in progress...

I was so stressed by my friend Angie's comment on my last post, and the fact that half of the people who view my blog regularly don't see it correctly, that I went to work today on moving my blog to WordPress.

I love Blogger, for a lot of reasons... we go way back! But I also hate Blogger for a lot of reasons (like the fact that so many of you don't see the cute, little layout that I see!).

WordPress has a lot of cool features that I think I'll enjoy. But it's going to take me some time to figure out how to customize it to my liking (and I'm not sure I'll ever be satisfied, really, because they don't allow as much customization as Blogger, darn it!).

It's definitely a work in progress right now. But I wanted to go ahead and share the link for my Firefox and Mac friends now... at least you should see a halfway normal layout, for once!

So, click here to visit me at WordPress (and bookmark that link, if you're a fan).


Carrie Hewitt said...

Erin, does this mean that you are not going to be using this blog anymore, but will be using the wordpress one instead?

ErinW said...

Yes, Carrie! That's exactly what it means. I guess I wasn't clear enough about that b/c I keep getting comments on THIS blog, lol!

I won't be posting here anymore. But you can find my new stuff at Wordpress!

Mustapha Mond said...