Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Avery's new coat

I couldn't resist snapping some pics of Avery this morning, right before we headed out the door for school.

The child has been in desperate need of a new winter coat... and I almost got her one for Christmas, but didn't. Then, my dad came to visit for New Year's and brought a bag of fabulous hand-me-downs from my Aunt Linda (Linda's granddaughter Madison is a bit older than Avery and always gives us great stuff!). And lo and behold, on the top of the bag was a gorgeous winter coat, complete with matching hat and scarf!

So, here's Avery modeling her new winter gear for me this morning. Can you tell she was an unwilling model (for the first time in her life!)?? I love those evil looks she was giving me, lol.

Thanks Aunt Linda, Jennifer, and Madison for our bag of goodies... and thanks to Dad for delivering them! I know Avery doesn't look very pleased in these pics, but she really DOES love her new coat! ;)

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Emily said...

Absolutely hilarious pictures! I somehow remember her mother making similar faces in the mornings when we were kids! lol Definitely Erin Jr.