Monday, September 29, 2008

I hate kids

More specifically, I hate boys.

Right now there are six boys between the ages of 7 and 12 playing/fighting/kicking each other in the "bad spot" in my front yard. [By the way, I really dislike THAT terminology... I'd almost rather hear them say "you kicked me in the nuts!" Because Lord knows boys are obsessed with kicking each other there and then announcing it. But for some reason, these kids think "the bad spot" is the nice way to say it. I really hate boys.]

I don't know where these children come from. Truly, I don't. But they seem to be multiplying... and somehow, they always find their way to MY yard.

This also leads me to wonder if I'm the only parent in a 5-mile radius who doesn't let her young son run wild on the streets. I find that hard to believe (I don't think I'll ever be in the running for Mother of the Year)... but seriously, these kids come from all over, and I doubt their parents have a CLUE where they are... I don't have a clue who THEY are or where they come from. If Damon so much as steps out of our yard without telling me, we have a serious problem (which is probably why all of the kids come here, right? because I'm the psychotic, protective mommy who won't let her baby out of her sight).

I think I'm ready to move back to the country now. I miss the peace and quiet of the cornfield!


Kat's Credence said...

You're not suppossed to get them wet! And watch feeding them late, wow, that's a disaster.

Seriously, we were the hang out house in the neighborhood and I preferred it, I knew Bran was safe. But I agree, seems like a lot of parents don't now where their kids are. Its scary!

Michelle said...

I have never liked being the responsible parent by default!

Lisa said...

Oh that does NOT sound like fun, at all. I'm with you... my kids are not allowed to run around the neighborhood and I'm always hearing "well so and so does it". Well good for so and so, he's not my kid!

Ummmm yeah, kicking each other in the NUTS sounds like fun. I used to giggle when Matthew called them his "beans". lol