Tuesday, May 06, 2008

More Recovery Blahs

I know, I know... this is getting old. You're sick of reading about how much pain I'm in and how depressed I am... trust me, I'm tired of living it!

Today my stomach hurts worse than it has the past 2 days, actually, which makes little sense to me. So I'm back to taking two Percocets every 4 hours (at that rate, they won't last long!). And although the Percocets make me extremely sleepy, I've spent all morning fighting the urge to close my eyes. My body hurts from being horizontal so much... really.

I'm also feeling extremely grubby and I'm in desperate need of a shower. Problem is I can't take a shower here at my house. Our only stand-up shower is in the scary basement, down a very steep flight of stairs... that I can't walk up and down. Upstairs we only have a tub, and I'm also unable to get in and out of a bathtub. Soooo... I have an "appointment" to take a shower over at my mom's apartment tomorrow morning. It's QUITE the ordeal, just to get clean!

I did receive a few pick-me-ups this morning: a Papa John's gift card from my Mom's Group friends (I think we're ordering pizza tonight!), flowers from my Gram, and a huge fruit basket from my stepmom (Avery has already enjoyed the grapes!). I've also received lots of "Get Well" cards in the mail, and my friends Katie and Cherie sent gorgeous flowers to my hospital room last week. It really means a lot to know that so many people are thinking of me and wishing me a speedy recovery!! I know I'm grumpy, but your thoughtfulness is not going unnoticed, I promise!

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fireflymom said...

Hope you are feeling better!