Friday, May 30, 2008

A day in the life

of my husband... truck driver extraordinaire!

Getting his log book caught up:

Sending messages through to the office on his QualComm (with Avery supervising):
Stopping by the office to get his paperwork for the next load:
Driving, driving, and more driving:
Parked at one of many Wal-Mart loading docks he visits in a day's time (they all look pretty much the same):

And then, he drives back to the yard, picks up another load and more paperwork, and does it all over again... usually two or three times in one 14-hour day.

He also smokes a lot of cigarettes, drinks a lot of Mountain Dew and Amp, listens to a lot of his Sirius radio, and wishes he were home with me, of course! lol

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