Saturday, March 24, 2007

Rocket Fun

This is what my family spent most of their Saturday doing... this also proves my theory that I have, not two, but THREE children (one of them is just very overgrown).
Nick bought this rocket kit last night and spent half of today putting it together. Then we all went out to the yard for the big launch. Here are the kids admiring the rocket:

Damon waiting anxiously to start his countdown and then "blast off!"

The rocket took off so quickly that I couldn't get a picture of it... but here is a pic that captures Avery's excitement:Here, Nick and the kids are tracking the rocket down in the field after it finally came back to earth: And, walking back with their new toy:

Fun was had by all. Even I enjoyed the afternoon's activity (but please don't tell my husband that I admitted to it!).

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Kelly said...

OMG Look at Avery's hair. You should fix it like that every day!