Monday, September 04, 2006

My Big Boy, the Kindergartener

Damon's first day of school is tomorrow!
His first FULL day of school... in Mrs. Davis's Kindergarten class.

This means a lot of changes for our whole household. Gone are the days of sleeping in 'til 9 or 10am (our alarm clocks will be ringing around 6:30am tomorrow)... gone are the days of going to bed late (our school year bedtime is 8pm sharp! even if that sun is still shining!)... gone are the days when Avery has a playmate all day (for the first time ever, she'll be on "only child" from 8:30am 'til whenever that schoolbus brings her brother home; we still aren't quite sure WHEN that is!)... gone are the days that I have to get two kids dressed, out of the house, and in the car to run simple errands.

On one hand, I'm looking forward to being a mother of one for 8 hours a day (it really IS so much simpler, and I vaguely remember those days pre-Avery!). On the other hand, I'm going to feel lost without my man, Damon.

Last night, before the kids went to bed, I asked Damon to come sit with me on the couch and give his old mom big hugs. I held onto him for as long as he'd let me (which was around 2 minutes!), and I just marveled at the fact that this huge kid that doesn't even FIT in my lap is my baby boy. I don't know how it happens, but they grow and change so quickly. It's cliche, I know, but it's so true.

I just wanted to take a moment to say that I'm so proud of Damon. He really is an extremely bright kid with so much spunk and personality... and I'm thankful every day that he's here with me. I had no clue 6 years ago when I was big and pregnant with him just how much that little "piglet" would change my life in every way.

So, here's to you, Kid. Wishing you the best of luck and tons of love on your first day of Kindergarten!!!!

(This pic was taken last week at his orientation in his new classroom! He was busy making a picture collage for his new cubby.)


meliss said...

Awwww he is too cute in that picture!

He is growing up so quickly. He really is a great kid. You've done such a good job with him!

Maria said...

And your post makes me never want to send Holden to school-ever. How do you let them get on that bus? How do you not feel like your missing something all day long?

ErinRagan said...

I won't lie, Maria. It's not easy. As nice as it is to have a little bit of freedom, it's just as hard to send them off and put them in someone else's care, not knowing exactly what they're doing every second of the day!!

I think working moms go through this at the beginning, the first day they drop off their babies at a daycare center. We SAHMs experience it much later, when they go to school for the first time.

It was very strange for me last year, when Damon started pre-K. I'd been with that little boy every second of his LIFE for 4.5 years... when he went to school, I was like expecting the teacher to send home a detailed letter, telling me WHAT Damon did and what he said all day long... well, that didn't happen! lol

It's all part of letting them "go," which I would guess is the hardest part of parenting and watching them grow up right before our eyes!!

It's hard, but it also fills your heart with pride, at the same time... if that makes any sense! :)

Linda said...

Aww, Erin... so sweet!!! HE will do fine and so will you Mama!!! We'll be here all day tomorrow for you!!! It is hard, but you'll get used to it in no time!!!

Trish said...

I love that picture! BTW thanks for making me cry a little.

Damon is all those things and more, Melissa is right you should be very very proud Momma. You did a great job!

Have fun D-Man *high five*!

Emily- Poopy :) said...

That is so sweet and so true, reading this makes me remember when Madeline and Brady started to school.
It is such a bittersweet time. From the moment we give birth, we know that very day is coming but still we often forget to relish in the midnight feedings, toothless grins, and sticky fingers.
I miss crayon drawings on the fridge, legos in the vaccuum, and Barbie shoes in the toilet!
Good luck, Damon, may you make your mama proud!