Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The First Day of School...

was a booming success, apparently!!

We put Damon on the bus at 8:30am and met him on the porch upon his return at 3:50pm.

He left smiling and came home in the same condition, I'm happy to report! Although, he did look extremely tired as he came trodding down the driveway this afternoon, lol. It was a big day for the little guy!

Some of the highlights:
  • Pizza and milk for the lunch in the cafeteria
  • Playing "Sink the Ship" in gym class (he was super excited because HIS team "didn't lose!"
  • The tag necklace that Mrs. Davis made for him; on the back she'd written a note congratulating him on having such a fabulous "first day of K!"
  • HOMEWORK! He was so thrilled to tell me as soon as he got off the bus that we had homework to do (oh, how that'll change in coming years, huh?? lol).
  • The stop light visual in his classroom, with garbage ties ("but they're not dirty!") that somehow display the students' names and track their behavior/participation in class.
  • Indoor recess today, because of the rain... but he had fun playing with the "pretend schoolbus" while some other kids in his class were making a HUGE mess with the blocks!

And that's about all that I could get out of him... or at least that's all I could make sense of, anyway! :)

Bedtime was NOT an issue tonight... the poor kid was ready to drop when he got home this afternoon, so a few hours later, we heard NO complaints when we told him it was bedtime! This is officially Mommy's favorite thing about school!

Here are a few of the boatloads of pics that I snapped while we were waiting for the bus this morning:

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