Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Could they BE any cuter??


Maria said...

Does Damon often go to school with no shirt on?

meliss said...

No they couldn't be any cuter!

elise said...

they are so adorable erin!!! are we still on for next week? you will have to let me know when and the specifics, etc :)

thanks for my comment. i like to hang on to the thought that it will all work out, but he has been talking about how he wants me to have a boyfriend and a daddy all to himself at his house. poor guy, i just smile and say

ErinRagan said...

Only on Fridays (casual day), Maria.

Seriously though... I took this picture a day or two BEFORE school started... Damon was obsessed with his new redneck backpack and wore it around the house for a few days straight.

And, all of his longtime, diehard fans know that Damon is very rarely photographed with clothes ON. I've been chastised as a mother for YEARS because of this, actually. :)