Thursday, April 13, 2006

So Pretty!!!

Yep, that's my kid.

The other day, she went digging around in the bathroom, found my mascara, and came out looking like this:

I said, "Avery, what did you do??"

Her response: "Mommy, I sooooo pretty!"

Oh yeah, pretty. That's it!

So, I immediately escorted her to the bathtub and applied my eye make-up remover to her face, with success! YAY!

Then, I was trying to take some "after" pics of her, actually looking pretty... and this is what I got instead:
It's hopeless, I've decided. She's a dirtball, make-up wearing noseminer (her Grampy will be so proud of this one! LOL).

But, apparently, all of this was really funny to her... I finally managed to remove her finger from her nose and got this picture of her laughing hysterically...

All in a day's work around here!!

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