Sunday, January 04, 2009

Brain overload

I'm having a bit of a blog identity crisis here lately... with the new year, there are so many cool ideas/challenges/projects popping up all over the place, and it's making my brain hurt.

My friend Angie recently posted this cool site for book lovers. And there are all sorts of reading-type challenges that I'd love to be organized enough to do! But uhhhh, yeah, I'm not.

And my friend Trish (and lots of other people in the photography/scrapbooking world!) is all gung-ho about this Project 365 thing, where you take/post a picture a day all year. I know I wouldn't last a week keeping up with that. Although I LOVE the idea of it...

And then I wonder, if I actually do any of these cool things, how exactly will I keep track of them? Do I try to document all of this stuff... my reading and picture-taking... on THIS blog and bore you all to tears?? (As opposed to my normal posting that bores you to tears.) Or do I start a separate blog with all of this craziness??

Oh, what's a girl to do?!?!?

This girl should probably forget all of the above, quit wasting time in the blogosphere already, and get to WORK! That's what she should do... but what fun is that?

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Anonymous said...

Happy to report I am never bored by your blog. I look forward to it & am disappointed when there isn't anything new. It is nice to know I am not the only one who wants to escape the craziness of parenting (I include my husband in that catagory)! Keep making me laugh!!! And pictures are always welcome.