Saturday, October 11, 2008

Our first 24 hours in Georgia

*Arrived yesterday at 6:30am after driving all night (kids slept in the car, of course; Nick and I were beyond exhausted).

*Took the official tour of Dad's new house -- it's positively gorgeous! (I will have oodles of pics to share once I get home!)

*The guest room set up for Damon and Avery looked like Santa arrived a few months early!!! The kids were beyond tickled, of course.

*Waited impatiently for my Granny to wake up and walk across the street to greet us (Granny and Pawpaw live RIGHT across the street, literally. It's very comical!).

*Aunt Linda came by and spent the day with us; she made a kick-ass mouse out of PlayDoh for Avery. And we played with the karaoke machine some; too tired to get really crazy with it, though.

*Dinner at Granny's! weeeee! Granny's cooking is always the best part. Just so that Carrie and Stephanie will drool, here was our menu last night: fried chicken, mashed potatoes, biscuits and gravy!, green beans, mac and cheese, applesauce... and, of course, Granny's World Famous Chocolate Cake (Mary, I ate a piece big enough for both of us... and thought of you the whole time I was inhaling it!).

*I died as soon as my head hit the pillow at 9:30pm. It was such a great day, but wow, was I beat!!!

Today is yardsaling with Granny and maybe a circus tonight! Tomorrow is a relaxing day at Aunt Linda's and cooking out. And, Monday morning we're heading back home to the Frozen North *sniff, sniff*. I'd like to stay here for a week or two...


Lisa said...

I hope you're having a fantastic visit! Bet the kiddos got super spoiled. Gotta love that.

Mare said...

you're killing me with the chocolate cake description! so glad you got the chance to visit everyone.

Grampy said...

We're beweaved and bewelf at your departure. . . Witschey weekends are never wong enuf!!! -- love u all, gwampy!!