Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hi, My Name is Erin...

And I seem to have an Internet addiction.

I guess this isn't really "news." I've spent the past several years frequenting message boards -- my Moms Group, scrapbooking groups, book groups... you name it. I'm never too far from my e-mail inbox. Reading (and writing) blogs takes up a good bit of my time each day. I dabbled in MySpace for a while. And now, after some resistance, I've jumped right into the world of Facebook with both feet.

I absolutely love the fact that I can stay connected to my friends and family this way. And it's been soooo great to reconnect with old friends, too. The Internet must be my number one form of escapism (and sometimes therapy!) these days.

But Lord knows I have enough trouble with time management as it is... and this Internet addiction is NOT helping me one bit!

I fear that I'm going to have to start limiting my online time one of these days... so that I can get through this stack of work on my desk and maybe even spend some quality time with my kids before they leave home. I might even get more sleep (and judging by the huge black circles under my eyes, I need it!).

I think I might need a 12-step program to help me through this.

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