Thursday, July 17, 2008

Now what?

The book is done.

Thank GOD.

But, that overwhelming sense of relief hasn't hit me yet... and I'm really starting to wonder WHERE it is, darn it. I've been looking forward to that for a week!!!

Right now, I'm looking around the house -- at all the housework that needs to be done. And around my desk -- at all the work work that still waits to be done. And I'm thinking I should probably do something "fun" with my kids this afternoon.

But what I'd really like do is nothing. I'd really love to curl up with a good book, lose myself in some other world, and eventually drift off to Dreamland. Uh huh. Fat chance of THAT happening today. But it's nice to dream!

I did take Comet for a nice (but HOT!) walk around the neighborhood a little bit ago. He enjoyed that. Avery and I enjoyed it (but it was HOT! and an afternoon at the pool didn't sound half-bad until I got back here to my nicely air-conditioned cave).

I think I'll "do the right thing" and work for a few hours this afternoon... then enjoy an evening off when Nick gets home from work, kinda like normal people!

Or... maybe I'll just read instead... (Go ahead, place bets on what I ended up doing today! lol)


Stephenie said...

I'll guess that you are off work today reading a book and you spend a wonderful evening with Nick and the kids!

Where are my books btw? (wink, wink)

Ellen said...

Congrats on finishing your project! We should plan a 'girls' day out to celebrate. I'll try to call you tomorrow.