Monday, July 07, 2008

Damon at 7

This evening, I was out on the front porch snapping picture after picture... of Avery.

And I realize that the majority of the photos I post on here are of... Avery.

It's not because I favor her over my son. I promise I love them both equally (although it's true that most days it's easier to love Avery!)... but, you see, THIS is what I get when I try to take Damon's picture. In fact, this is what we see just about every time we LOOK at Damon:

Pure Angst.

It is tough to be 7 years old.


Trish said...

Awww Damon, poor thing! Elias says he misses Love you Damon, smile for me..ok? =)

Grampy said...

OK Damon -- THAT's how I ended up with a name like GRAMPY. . . Stop the madness and SMILE!

ErinRagan said...

See, I wanted to name him after you, Dad (but my efforts were poo-poo'd), but still, it's nice to know he takes after you anyway! lol