Monday, June 16, 2008

Sick kids break my heart

Poor Damon has been feeling rotten for a few days now. Of course, he got sick at the beginning of the weekend, so we had to wait until today to get him in to see the doctor.

Diagnosis: We're not sure.

That is soooo not helpful. Damon's been complaining about his left ear hurting, no, KILLING him. And he was sick to stomach for about 24 hours... and for the past 2 days he's been running a fever of about 103. I've been putting numbing drops in his ear and doping him up on Motrin... as soon as the Motrin wears off (every 6 hours, like clockwork!), he starts screaming in pain and the fever returns.

At first the doctor thought it might be because we went swimming Friday (he started feeling bad sometime Saturday). But he said that the fever doesn't make sense if that's what it is. So, he probably has an inner ear infection. Of course, I had so much gunk collected in Damon's ear, from all of the drops, that the doctor wasn't able to say with 100% certainty. But, he did prescribe an antibiotic... and more ear drops.

I'm hoping the antibiotic starts providing some relief soon... because poor Damon had a screaming-in-agony episode this evening that nearly brought ME to tears. There is NOTHING worse than watching/hearing your kid in pain and feeling totally helpless!

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Carrie Hewitt said...

Im sorry Damon! I HATE ear infections and promise that by the time I have my second child, I will be formally trained to use one of those ear thingys and be able to check myself for the infections.....saving us hundreds of dollars Im sure!