Thursday, June 05, 2008

More Family Fishing

Today, Nick and I took the kids back to the park where we went fishing last week. No pictures this time because I was an idiot and forgot to take the camera along (although, sometimes it's actually a relief not to feel "obligated" to capture every moment on film!).

It was hot as Hades out there today, and I'm not one who likes to sweat... ick! But other than that, we had a really nice time. AND, caught tons of fish! Nick, Damon, and I were all reeling in little fish right and left. Nick tells me they were spotted bass... if he says so!

Avery cried as we were leaving because she was the only one who didn't catch a fish today (Daddy tried to help her toward the end, but had no luck... I think we'd successfully scared the fish away to the other side of the lake by that point!). But Avery did at least manage to stay dry this time! I even brought along a change of clothes for her in case she decided to take another dip in the lake, but luckily we didn't need them.

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