Saturday, May 10, 2008


Last weekend, while I was in the hospital, Damon lost his first top tooth. It had been loose for ages, so this was a huge deal for him. I was sad that I missed it... but luckily Daddy (aka, The Tooth Fairy) was here to take care of business!

So, here are some pics that I snapped of Damon the day I got home...

And it's a good thing I got those pics when I did. Because tonight, only a week later, he yanked out his OTHER top tooth!

I'm losing my baby... one little tooth at a time. *sniff, sniff*

Here's the toothless wonder tonight:


Carrie Hewitt said...

By the way....I love Damon's hair short like looks so handsome, and the missing tooth makes him that much cuter!

Have a great day today Erin, the super Mom!!!

Stephenie said...

Awww.. He's a cute toofless little man!

Lisa said...

Awww he looks adorable. What a bummer that you missed the 1st one coming out. Great pics.