Thursday, May 29, 2008

I'm healed! (oh, and the date night update, too)

Tomorrow will be 4 weeks since my surgery, so yesterday I had a follow-up appointment with Dr. Gray. She reported that my incision is fully healed, and now I can go back to life as usual (which I had pretty much already done anyway, but still it was nice to have her permission!).

One of the main things I couldn't do for the past 4 weeks was exercise. When Dr. Gray told me this as I was leaving the hospital 3.5 weeks ago, I thought, "oh yeah, gee, like THAT'S gonna be a problem for me." Denise Austin I'm NOT.

So, yesterday she told me I could do whatever I want now... but she warned me not to overdo it. The example she used was, again, about exercise. "Just don't overdo it, Erin... you don't want to go home and do 100 sit-ups tonight or anything." Ohhhhhhhhh, Darn It. And that's EXACTLY what I had planned for the evening, too!

I'm a little disappointed to report that our $10 date night didn't really pan out. Nick and I did enjoy an evening out, but instead of spending $10, we spent $40. And we didn't do anything new and different... we went to our favorite watering hole and drank a few beers, shot lotsa pool, and played some music on the jukebox. We DID have a fabulous time, even if it wasn't what we really had in mind. And Nick did really have a creative, romantic $10 evening planned, but unfortunately the weather was a factor and didn't cooperate.

So, we haven't given up on the $10 date idea. We're going to try it again next week... and either hope that the weather cooperates this time or come up with a back-up plan that isn't dependent on a warm, dry night.

I still owe you pictures from our adventures on the road last weekend, I know. I haven't forgotten, never fear!

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Carrie Hewitt said...

Erin, what's another 30$? Maybe you could get really creative and come up with a free date night and make up for it! Maybe have a romantic night at home without the kids! Sounds AWESOME to me! Glad you two got out and had some fun......and so glad you are feeling like yourself again!