Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Damon brought home a Language Arts worksheet this afternoon. The assignment was to sort words with the "oo" sound and inflected endings: cooks, cooked, cooking, etc.

Then he was supposed to write a sentence using "oo" words.

This is what my son wrote:

I like rhinos.

First of all, I see no "oo" words there, do you? But the teacher gave him a big star next to it and wrote this (*shudder*):

Me too! I think their cute.

I am such a sad mom today. Really, really sad. Really.


meliss said...

ACK!! So wrong on so many accounts. :( What do you do with that?

Alli said...

WHAT? What is up with that???? so, what has he learned..besides the fact that his teacher things rhinos are cute????

Carrie Hewitt said...

Yikes....I am guessing she is more worried about his confidence than the fact that he actually knows the "oo" words....Im rather shocked!