Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sick, sick, and now more sick

It's all Nick's fault. He found these pesky germs somewhere last week (at work, we're guessing) and brought them home, to breed.

I was their next victim... and have spent the past two days whining LOTS and realizing just how much I scream (at my children and the dogs) because now I CAN'T scream... it hurts way too much. If I thought my household was unruly before, it's even worse when Mom can't scream... trust me. Comet doesn't understand anything spoken in a soft tone... in fact, I think he might be slightly deaf and can ONLY hear when he's being yelled at.

Poor Avery was victim number three. She started running a fever today and spent most of the day zonked out on the couch. Nick has been to Rite Aid several times in the past 24 hours, and I'm sure we now own half of their severe cold/sore throat medicine inventory. (Why doesn't that make me feel any better? I see doctor visits in our future... lots of doctor visits... lots of prescription meds. yippee!)

On a slightly happier note, we all enjoyed a nice visit from Grampy yesterday. He came over for the day and joined us for Damon's weekly T-ball game. Grampy also brought Damon his very own "tee" so that Damon can practice his swings in the backyard... and Grampy taught us how to play Indian Ball (I think that might be easier for poor Gimpy Grampy when he gets his brand new hip later this month). Damon also sported his new Orioles jersey that Grampy brought for him... and he even slept in it last night (the jersey was definitely a hit, Dad!).

Now, I'm trying to summon up the energy to prepare for the next week... another week of school for Damon... work for Nick and me... and hopefully we'll all start feeling better soon. Being sick is the PITS.

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