Monday, March 12, 2007

Rewriting History

This evening, I was engaged in some thrilling imaginative playtime with my son... emphasis on the "imaginative."

We were sitting on his bed with 2 trucks, 2 dinosaurs (in the beds of the trucks), and 2 fighter jets.

Then, Damon proceeded to tell me this:

"Mom, you know what? In the desert, where the dinosaurs used to live a long, long time ago... ummm, the dinosaurs were there... and ummm, there was still an Army back then... you know, the Army in California. And, ummm, the Army flew over with their jets and their missiles and they blasted the dinosaurs, like this... and ummm, that's what happened to the dinosaurs."

Being the un-fun mom that I am, I just had to set the record straight. I told Damon that there were a few things wrong with his theory... that dinosaurs lived long before people, so there was no Army... and that people made planes and missiles, so they didn't exist in Dinosaur Days either.

Damon looked perplexed and like he was considering that theory for just a moment.

Then he said, "Well, Josh [his best friend in his Kindergarten class] told me that the Army was there, and that they shot the dinosaurs like this with their missiles."

End of discussion. I know better than to mess with anything Josh said.


Kelly said...
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Kelly said...

Okay let's try this again.

You should Damon to ask Josh if his parents are Republicans.