Saturday, March 03, 2007

31 isn't so bad...

I turned 31 this past Wednesday... and, as I've gotten older and especially since I've become a mother, I pretty much dread my birthdays. They're just disappointingly dull, compared with birthdays from my youth (or the young adult days when I could celebrate by irresponsibly drinking myself into oblivion and doing things that would be considered unforgiveable had it NOT been my birthday!).

So, this year I had very low expectations for my birthday, and you know what? That worked for me!!!

The day was nothing short of fabulous!! I was spoiled and pampered and showered with love and gifts and birthday wishes by everyone I know!

I was treated to lunch by my mom and Gram... then treated to dinner by my hubby and children (2 meals out in ONE day; I can't even remember the last time that happened!)... there was lots of shopping... and some fabulous gifts, including a gift card to a day spa (my mom gets credit for that one!); cool books from Amazon that I've already started reading (courtesy of my friend Angie); a gift certificate to an awesome online scrapping store (from my scrapping buds, Katie and Cherie); a gorgeous bouquet of flowers (from Christie, the one person who just might know me better than I know myself!)... and last but not least, I cannot forget the gifts that my children hand selected for me: a Disney Princess keychain, a Water Wiggler (!?!), one of those sea creatures that is only about 3 inches tall, but supposedly grows by leaps and bounds when I put him in water (ooooh! ahhhhh!), and a Yahtzee game (how did they know?? lol).

I treated myself (thanks to the birthday money I received from Gram and Dad) to some new clothes, 2 CDs, 2 books, a camera bag, and a memory card for my camera (that I've been in desperate need of! Now I can take 1500 pics at once, instead of 42... this is big stuff!).

I also received lots of birthday wishes via email and on my message boards (online friends are the best!); lots of cards via snail mail; and several Happy Birthday phone calls!

It was the best birthday I've had in a long time... Thanks to everyone who contributed to the warm fuzzies I felt all day and for a few days after!!

Here's a pic of the beautiful flowers Christie sent that I'm still enjoying today!

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