Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Is it Thursday yet???

Why Thursday, you ask?

Because Thursday, glorious Thursday I am packing up my car bright and early (filled to the brim with every scrapbooking supply I own, and a small bag of clothes and toiletries) and I'm heading to the Poconos for FOUR DAYS and THREE NIGHTS... away from my kids... away from my husband... away from the dogs... away from the house, the laundry, the dishes, the cooking... away from the whining, screaming, crying... away from alarm clocks and bus stops... just AWAY.

This will be my third scrapbook "retreat" that I've attended with a fabulous group of scrapping friends I met online a couple of years ago. Every six months or so, we try to attend one of these events. In October '05, we were in Baltimore, MD; April '06 was Allentown, PA; and this one is at The Split Rock Resort in the Poconos. This will be our first time at an actual "resort," and I think I'm more excited about that than the fact that I'll be scrapbooking 'round the clock!

This time, there will be fewer of us than before... five other women and myself. But all six of us will be able to stay together in a suite at Split Rock (aka, a "party room").

We've been planning this trip since last summer, so now that the time is finally HERE, I'm so excited I can't see straight!!! Cherie actually leaves Omaha, NE late TONIGHT, and will arrive in PA tomorrow morning. Tammi (from PA) is picking her up at the airport and ferrying her over to Lisa's house, where they'll meet up with Katie and her sister Sandy (driving down from Maine)... and they're all having a big slumber party at Lisa's Wednesday night. I'll be the last to join our group at the resort Thursday morning!

(Can you tell I'm excited? I just gave you the intinerary of five women that I'm sure you could care less about, lol.)

But, I have to keep talking and thinking about Thursday's excitement to get me through the next day and a half!! The past two days have been horrible around here, and I'm even more ready than usual for a BREAK from it all!

I nearly broke down in tears an hour ago when my son informed me that I'm no fun; that I never play with him... NEVER (he's already forgotten the six hours of our lives that we spent playing Monopoly over the weekend, sigh); that I work too much; and that he's just a miserable little person because his mommy basically sucks.

I could probably fill a few more paragraphs with reasons WHY I need this vacation... but I'm sure I've droned on long enough already (Wake Up, Dad... I'm wrapping it up now!).

So, if I don't post again before then, I will be back early next week with a full report of my trip. I know you're on the edge of your seats...


meliss said...

YAY!! I am so excited for you! You are going to have a blast on your weekend away. I can't wait to see some of your layouts when you get back!

I'm a boring mom, too. Isn't it something how little they remember about us playing with them?

Ellen said...

Have a great trip! If you need to leave early-I'm on your way to the Poconos and you can crash here anytime.

Mel said...

I'm jealous of the trip & agree with your son, you don't play with me enough either.

Anonymous said...

lol that was just priceless erin!!! lol....your kids remind me a lot of mine acutally...my girl has issues wearing shirts lol..love that song too! have fun on your retreat!
~Laurie (Lmunroe)