Sunday, January 28, 2007

Damon's 4th Annual Monster Truck Show

Last night, Nick took Damon to see the Monster Trucks, for the 4th year in a row. The trucks are always in town the weekend before Damon's birthday, so it's become a tradition for them to do this together each year... and it works out perfectly because the evening is our birthday gift to Damon (after Christmas and Avery's birthday, I'm ready for a no-brainer by the end of January!).

The past 2 years have been even more fun for Damon because his buddy Elias (my friend Trish's little boy) has gone with them.

Apparently last night was the best show they've seen yet. Two very excited little boys came home to their mommies after a fun-filled evening... Elias, who is usually pretty quiet, was hyped up on cotton candy and talking a mile a minute... Damon, who hated the cotton candy but was hyper regardless, told me countless stories about the evening and showed off his new Monster Truck "goodies."

Each boy got a new "Bad Boys of Racing" ball cap... and at the end of the evening, they waited impatiently in a mile-long line to have all of the drivers sign their hats (they both SLEPT in their hats last night, too).

And Damon was sporting a new Bigfoot t-shirt that was signed by Bigfoot's driver with a special birthday message for him.

Nick reported that the boys had a blast... that the difference in them between last year and this year was amazing. Instead of just sitting and staring, they were very interactive and played along with the announcer all night.

Nick even managed to get a pic of the boys with his camera phone (hence the poor quality, but a pic nonetheless!):


Mel said...

I almost started crying reading this. How cute. You are so lucky Nick does this with him.

Trish said...

Look at my guys!They had so much fun!