Friday, July 21, 2006

An Overdue Post

Once again, I've fallen behind on posting on my beloved blog...

I don't have much of an excuse, except that things have been kinda crazy around here with Nick home. However, he started a new job today, so life should return to semi-normal and I can resume my sick obsession with all things Internet.

So, anyway, here are some recent pics that I've been withholding... Enjoy!

First, a pic of my kids and my brother's three girls. We took them all to the mall last weekend to have a group picture professionally taken. After the photo session, I took this candid shot of them playing, and it was my favorite of the day!

Here's Damon enjoying his new slide/pool/swingset in our backyard:

And, Avery cleaning it:

I'll end with a pic of Avery in my favorite state... sound asleep! Isn't she sweet???

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Looks as if they are having a blast with the new summertime toys!

I love the new look for your blog. It suits you very well.

Hope everyone is doing OK.

Love to all,
Grandma Chris