Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Da Vinci Code

A discussion topic was posted on my Mom's Forum the other day about this seemingly controversial book... so, of course I had to rush out and buy it. Then, I devoured it in two sittings (had to force myself to get a few hours of sleep in between, although I easily could've continued reading until I reached the end... it was that good!).

I loved the book. This is the third book I've read by Dan Brown... and every time I finish one of his novels, I sit back and think "WOW! How does someone write something like that???" I'm so in awe of that kind of talent.

I know that the book has been in the limelight recently, especially with the new movie due out soon... but since I hadn't read it, I had no clue WHAT the big "controversy" surrounding it was. After I finished it today, I did a little research online...

The controversy didn't really "strike" me because, honestly, I'm not a religious being with a set faith to begin with. So, his notion of Jesus being a man and the Catholic Church covering up this whole notion really didn't stir up a lot of emotion in me. In fact, I was kind of relieved by that whole idea. It was tangible and something I could almost wrap my brain around... if that makes sense.

I spent the afternoon reading a lot online about the Christian/Catholic response to the novel. And, I'll admit, they make a lot of valid points about "untruths" that are presented in the book. But now I'm asking myself: Does it really matter??? Almost every Web site I visited today just HAD to point out the fact that there are NOT 666 panes of glass in the Pyramid structure at the Louvre, as Brown reports in his story. OH NO, say it isn't so!!! Well then, certainly THAT proves it.... his whole story is CRAP. I'm convinced. :) [yes, it's mega-sarcasm... good eye!]

Somehow, I don't think the panes of glass were THAT significant. It seems to me that if the Catholic Church wants to dispute the claims that Brown makes in his work of FICTION, they might want to concentrate more on the "important stuff."

I could ramble on incessantly about the book and its details... but, my bottom line is this: It was a fantastic novel. I don't KNOW if it was fact or fiction, and really don't care. The brief time that I spent devouring the book was quite enjoyable, and at the end of the day, isn't THAT why we buy and read books?? Yeah, I thought so.

Just for the record: Dan Brown is my new hero. Not because he may believe that Jesus was a man, and not because it just might be Mary Magdalene seated next to him in The Last Supper, but because he writes a helluva good book.

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