Monday, March 06, 2006

Meet Ginger...

She is apparently the latest addition to our "clan."
Nick brought her home a few days ago and said, "She's your birthday present, just a few days late!" How convenient for him, eh??

Truth be told, I don't think she was intended to be a gift... but that just worked out for him! :)

Nick came across Ginger during his "travels" last week, and she wasn't being taken care of very well... at all. In fact, she was filthy dirty and starving. I didn't have the heart to turn her away, even though everything in me was shouting "NO! NO! NO! No more dogs!!! What is he thinking?!?!?!"

So, I took her in, gave her (and myself and the entire bathroom) a much-needed bath, and fed her (she ate TEN bowls of food in one sitting... ten!).

I spent two days telling Nick that he had to get rid of her... and Nick and I didn't speak at all other than that. His way of saying he doesn't want to get rid of her; my way of saying "she goes, or else." Divorce over a smelly dog? Classic.

Yesterday, my dad and his friend Lynn came to visit us for the afternoon, and Lynn fell in love with big ole Ginger. It's possible that Lynn will take her off my hands... in the meantime, she's here, sound asleep on my floor, right under my computer chair.

And, I hate to say it, but she's growing on me. DARN IT!

Ginger is adorable (just look for yourself!)... She's big and clumsy and has really smelly breath, but she's also very gentle and sweet. And, she sleeps a lot... she's certainly not any "trouble." She also listens to commands like "Sit" and "Go lay down!" AND, she's housetrained (all of the above being major improvements over Nick's ankle-biter, Lizzie the Min Pin, who does NONE of the above).

So, if I could just do something about that kickin' breath, she might not be such a bad addition to the Clan. I just absolutely hate it when Nick "wears me down" like this... grrrrrrrr. Happy Birthday to me... SURE! :)


Denise B said...

Awwww...look at her. She's so adorable Erin. How could anyone turn her away? Check your local pet store, they have doggy mints, I think. Hehehehehe...sorry I'm no help!

I've added your blog to my list of faves and will check back often. Maybe together we can get this updating our blog thing down! :)

Momma said...

Well, there really is a solution. See if the vet will give you any kind of a discount on getting her teeth cleaned. I'm dead serious. Then, change her diet to something good like Pedigree or something similar, and the doggie breath WILL tone down a bit. They get gum disease just like people. Aren't mother-in-laws just full of useful advice? She looks like a real sweetie. Is she good with the kids?

Grampy said...

SOOO! Glad Lynnie Pooh is NOT her new Mommy -- and that she's going to a good home. . . That breath was FUNKY!

Grampy said...

SOOO! glad Lynnie Pooh is NOT Ginger's new Mom -- and glad she's in a good home. . . Sweet dog -- but that BREATH (eeegaads)!!!